FOUR drug dealers have been arrested after trying to speed away from a police patrol car in the ‘English Zone’ of Benidorm.

Policia Nacional officers found €4,265 in cash and 240 grams of hashish inside the vehicle.

The men, of Moroccan and Spanish nationalities, have been charged with drug trafficking.

They panicked when they saw a police patrol car and decided to do a U-turn to avoid being stopped and asked awkward questions.

Their car tried to speed off towards an exit route out of Benidorm but police spotted the sudden manoeuvre and intercepted the vehicle.

A search uncovered the proceeds of their illegal dealings which had been split between the four men.

In another arrest in the same area of the city, police stopped a driver and discovered some hashish in a plastic wrapper, along with €1,300 in a backpack.

The man was detained and his vehicle immobilised.


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