EARTH HOUR is a custom around the world where lights are switched off for 60 minutes to raise awareness of global warming and other environmental issues.

The World Wild Fund for Nature organises the event in its ongoing fight against climate change.

Imagen Horaplaneta Aljub

To coincide with tonight’s annual switch-off, Elche’s L’Aljub Shopping Centre has claimed its position as the most sustainable shopping centre in the region

As well as turning off all outside lighting at 8.30pm tonight (March 26), the popular shopping centre officially presents its new photovoltaic plant.

A rooftop power-generating system made up of 1,000 panels will generate 772.5 kWh/year, of which 762,171 kWh will be used by the centre. 

With the commissioning of the photovoltaic plant, L’Aljub now proudly claims to be the most sustainable shopping centre in the region.

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