IF you’re thinking of investing in a property in Spain, and wondering whether it is the right financial decision for you then you might ask the question ‘how much does it cost to maintain a property in Spain?’ 

There is no exact answer or precise figure to give for this question, but by having an idea of ongoing costs and what to expect, you’ll be better placed to plan for your Spanish property purchase.

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Right Casa’s locally based property experts are a font of local knowledge, and are perfectly placed to help you find the home of your dreams. Photo: Right Casa.

The real costs of maintaining a property in Spain will vary on a few things. These include the size of the property, whether you are living in your Spanish home or hiring a property maintenance company to take care of the maintenance of your new home for you. Here is a breakdown of the charges and fees that you can expect to pay:


The first ongoing cost will be IBI (Impuesto sobre Bienes Inmuebles) which is a tax that you pay to your local Town Hall, it roughly translates as ‘Council Tax’ for those in the UK. It varies from town to town, but as a guide can be between €400 per year for a two-bedroom apartment on the Costa Del Sol, going up to €1500 – €2000 per year for a luxury villa.

State Tax

If you are a non-resident and renting your property out then you must file and pay tax on the rental value of your property in quarterly periods: the state tax for a rented property in Spain is set at 19% of its rental value.


You can expect to pay around 0.05% of the purchase price of your property for your annual insurance, typical prices hover between €250-350 per year for the Costa Del Sol.

Community Charges

If the property you have purchased is in a community then you will be liable for charges in order to pay for the maintenance and upkeep of your community.

For an average Spanish apartment, you can expect your community charges to be between €50 and €100 per month: for a larger property, or one with extensive community perks and benefits, this rate could be much higher.

To sum up, you can expect to pay the following charges in order to maintain a property in Spain, although you should be aware that these figures are approximate

  • 0.15% Local tax,
  • 0.05% National tax
  • 0.05% Insurance
  • 0.1% Utilities (for an empty property)
  • 0.3% Community charges
  • 0.1% Property charges

If you’re looking for estate agents on the Costa Del Sol then why not get in touch with Right Casa? Our locally based property experts are a font of local knowledge, and are perfectly placed to help you find the home of your dreams.

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