CELEBRITY chef Dabiz Muñoz has ignited fresh debate on the eternal question of what should go in an authentic Spanish tortilla.

Muñoz claims that onion in the omlette is strictly a no-go, saying that the sweetness of the vegetable tarnishes the overall flavour.

The Spanish staple has countless recipes that vary drastically by region. 

The three Michelin star chef admitted that his remarks were likely to cause considerable controversy: “Whenever I say that tortilla should be made without onions, people tell me that I am silly, and I have no doubt that I am.”

Munez 1
Celebrity chef Dabiz Muñoz’s comments are sure to spark debate among Spaniards.
Photo: Wikipedia.

Dabiz Muñoz, who will soon open a new restaurant – RavioXO in Madrid, claims that the onion gives an ‘excessive and unnecessary sweetness’ to the tortilla.

“A good egg, a good oil and a good potato is a good combo that does not need anything more than a little salt,” he added.

The remarks were made during a presentation at Fusion, held this week at Madrid’s Ifema. Food critic Jose Carlos Capel, who accompanied Muñoz on stage, agreed.

“Potato omelettes, which emerged in the 19th century, never had onions. The onion dates back to the Spanish Civil War,” he said.

The origins of the dish are wrapped up in legend, with some claiming it was invented by Carlist general Tomas de Zumalacarregui during the siege of Bilbao, as a quick way to feed the Carlist army.


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