A 21-year-old man required emergency facial surgery following a brutal gang beating in an Elche park.

Three people have been arrested by the Policia Nacional but the main aggressor escaped the next day on a London-bound flight from Alicante-Elche airport.

The victim was stabbed in the face and in the buttocks in the mob attack.

A pitbull dog was goaded to bite the prostrate man in the buttocks, but didn’t.

INCITED PITBULL(Cordon Press image)

The systematic assault occurred after two men agreed to meet in a park in the Carrus area of Elche to resolve a dispute.

The 21-year-old man arrived with three friends, while the person he was going to talk with had at least 20 other people to back him up.

Witnesses said that one of the group of 20, without warning, knifed the victim in the face and he fell to the ground.

He was then stabbed in the buttocks and three men kicked him all over his body and in the head.

The victim’s friends tried to help but were repelled by the attackers brandishing knives at them.

Once they were satisfied with their violent actions, the perpetrators ran off, leaving the victim in a pool of blood.

His acquaintances took him to Elche General Hospital.

Such was the serious nature of his face wounds, he was transferred to Alicante General Hospital for emergency maxillofacial surgery.

He was allowed to return home after four days in hospital.


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