SIX members of a drug trafficking gang behind an Alicante marijuana and hashish retail operation have been arrested by the Policia Nacional.

The gang leader’s home was one of five properties raided by the police.

The man set his dog loose, with the animal biting several officers.

His mother was also arrested for being in charge of all the money earned from the drugs sales.

€3,665 and a high-end vehicle were seized along with drugs.

The hub of the criminal enterprise was a property in the Carolinas Altas area of Alicante City.

Police monitored the address and noted a string of people pressing the door bell, entering the building, and exiting a few minutes later.

A woman made a daily appearance on a scooter with a backpack, full of drugs, and would leave empty-handed.

Shortly after her drop-off, there was always a significant rise in ‘customers’.

She and her partner were responsible for bringing in the day’s retail offerings, while another gang member ran a marijuana farm.

Of the six detainees, of Spanish and Dominican nationalities, three were jailed after their court appearance.

All have prior criminal records.


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