A 60-year-old German woman is being held in Palma after allegedly poisoning her father, apparently to get her hands on inheritance money.

The woman, with initials IS, is alleged to have drugged up her father with the help of her brother – who has also been arrested – with a cocktail of benzodiazepines and opiates over the course of several days.

The father died aged 90 in October 2021 in suspicious circumstances, causing German police to open an investigation.

Police 2
The woman apparently resorted to extreme methods to get an early inheritance.
Photo: Creative commons licence.

The arrest of the woman was carried out last Friday at 7am, in a joint operation with the German authorities and the Central Unit of the National Police in Madrid.

The suspect left her native country shortly after her fathers death and emigrated to Mallorca with her daughter before an arrest warrant was issued by German authorities.

IS’s daughter was also taken in for questioning, but has not been charged.

Months after the man’s death, the woman and her brother are thought to have inherited a substantial amount of money from their wealthy late father.

She is now awaiting extradition to Germany where she will be tried for murder.


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