TWO people died on Friday after a canyoning accident through the scenic Estret de Les Penyes, between Bolulla and Callosa d’En Sarria in the Marina Baixa area of Alicante Province.

Canyoning tours are a popular attraction with the ravines regarded as the most scenic in the whole region.

A six-strong group were making their way through the area in the early afternoon.

That’s despite firefighters on Wednesday recommending no descents in the Abdet and Bolulla revines due to danger posed by the recent heavy rain.

The two victims fell down a ravine and were dragged to their deaths by strong currents.

A man, who was the tour guide, was taken several metres by the current and recovered unconscious at Las Fuentes del Algar.

Attempts to revive him were to no avail.

The second deceased person was a woman who was unable to be resuscitated by firefighters.

The four remaining group members did not fall down the ravine.

The group was described as consisting of ‘young people’ but further details were not immediately available.


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