A MOSQUITO was discovered floating within a vial containing the Moderna vaccine forcing 760,000 doses to be recalled.

A nurse from Malaga discovered the offending insect as she prepared to administer a booster on April 7 and reported it to regional health ministry who in turn alerted the Spanish Medicine Agency.

As a consequence the entire batch that included the contaminated vial had to be recalled.

However, many of the doses from within the batch, which was produced by the Rovy laboratory in Madrid in January, had already been administered to members of the public.

Laboratorios Rovi Ensures That The Manufacture Of The Modern Vaccine Against Covid 19 Will Begin In Spain, Tuesday, November 17, 2020
Laboratory Rovi manufactured a vaccine doses with a mosquito inside. Image from Cordon Press.

 “Moderna Biotech Spain, S.L. and ROVI were alerted about this issue through a complaint about the product coming from a vaccination center in Malaga,” confirmed the pharmaceutical company in a statement issued on Tuesday.

“We will investigate and evaluate these vials, this batch consisting of 764,900 doses were distributed in Norway, Poland, Portugal, Spain and Sweden from January 13 to 14 in 2022” they added.

The company explained that the mosquito had likely become trapped during the production process of the vaccine and had not been detected during the usual controls.

They said that there is no risk for those who may have received the doses produced within the same batch so further treatment would be necessary.

The Spanish Medicine Agency also carried out an investigation to check that appropriate safety measures are being carried out at the laboratory.


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