THE Regional Ministry of Health and Families of Andalucia has published a list of health recommendations and mask use for a safe Easter Week in Andalucia.

With the return of the Easter processions throughout Andalucia after a two year hiatus due to Covid-19, the Regional Ministry of Health and Families has published the following seven recommendations for a safe Semana Santa:

1. If you have tested positive by PCR or antigen testing, it is advisable to stay at home and avoid contact with other people.

2. Wear a surgical mask to protect yourself in crowds.

3. If you have mild symptoms compatible with Covid-19, use the FPP2 mask, avoid crowds and contact with vulnerable people.

4. Respect the capacity limits inside bars and restaurants.

5. If you are a throne bearer or porter in a brotherhood, you should take an antigen test at least 24 hours before carrying the ‘paso’ or throne, wear a mask during the procession and during the stops ventilate the interior of the throne.

6. If you are part of a music band, you should wear a mask whenever the instrument allows it, and increase the distance from the public in the case of wind instruments.

7. As for the Nazarenes and penitents, you should wear a face mask when you are not wearing the capirote and keep as much distance between other penitents as possible

Masks will no longer be compulsory after Easter, with several exceptions such as the compulsory use on public transport, in health centres and nursing homes for workers and visitors. It will also be compulsory for those with mild Covid-19 symptoms.


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