THE Laguna Village shopping centre which was devastated by a fire two years ago is set for a bold redevelopment after the site  was bought by new owners.

The burnt out ruin of the commercial centre in Estepona is to be reopened as a tourism complex, including a beach resort, shopping zone, restaurant area, kids play park, and yacht club.

It has been bought by Sevilla-based entrepreneur Rosauro Varo as part of his entertainment enterprise Grupo Pacha and is set for a €25 redevelopment.

Consorcio Provincial Bomberos De Malaga
The fire decimated the buildings of Laguna village.
Photo: Consorcio Provincial Bomberos de Malaga

On 29 August 2020, a fire ripped through the village, made even more worrying by the fact that it sat directly opposite a petrol station. 

It left the resort reduced to rubble and the Junta declaring a level 1 emergency.

The site was formerly the home of the iconic Puro Beach Club before the fire.

It means the 13,000 square metre of land will be given a new lease of life nearly two years after its total destruction.

Grupo Pacha, credited as being a pioneer of the Ibiza clubbing scene, have said they hope to welcome people to the resort in 2023.


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