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What are transitions and why do you need them

Transitions play a vital role in TikTok videos as they draw a magical effect. They help to connect different parts of the content and express the changes. Have you seen those videos with changing outfits? It may look like something made by a qualified professional but the truth is users just applied the transitions. Time is limited and to make your message as short as possible the use of transitions is necessary.

Guide to adding transitions

If you don’t know yet how to add transitions to your video, follow this simple method.

  1. Open the app Vjump (follow the link
  2. Start recording
  3. When it’s time to finish click on the red circle
  4. Find the button effects and in the opened gallery select “transitions”
  5. Choose the accurate place in the video to add transition
  6. Scroll different transition effects and select the one you like the most
  7. Replay the video to see how it works
  8. If you are satisfied with the results choose to save

You can also choose the manual techniques to add a transition. It may sound difficult from the first time but a bit of practice will make you a professional.

  1. Plan beforehand. Think over how you are going to switch your videos
  2. Record the first part of the video
  3. Before you stopped the video act out the planned transition
  4. Record the next part
  5. Add the segments until the time limit is over
  6. Click on the checkmark red circle
  7. Replay the whole video and see if you could achieve the desired results
  8. Edit and share

Remember that the main secret of success is your creativity. Follow the trends and don’t stop your imagination.

Where to find professional help

There is no need to waste much of your time on creating content. If you want to become a successful user of TikTok, you need to post as often as you can. To save your time use different helpful apps such as Vjump. Here you can find the huge library of complete videos with trendy transitions, receive the list of capturing ideas and use ready scenarios for any case. Try and save your time.

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