A MADRID man has been arrested after he was found to have been living in a house with his grandmother’s corpse for months without declaring her death to the authorities.

An investigation into the man’s motives is underway, with reports he may have been attempting to receive his grandmother’s pension.

Authorities became aware of the situation last Thursday when an agent walking past the property noticed a foul stench.

Spain Police 2
Police uncovered the grizzly crime after reports of a foul smell.
Photo: Wikipedia.

When officers first knocked on the door, the accused protested that the grandmother, who the property belongs to, was not at home.

However, when they got in, officers found her body in an advanced state of decomposition on one of the beds. 

Guardia Civil arrested the 35-year -old man, who had been living with the corpse in the Ciempozuelos municipality of Madrid.

It has been confirmed the woman died at least two months ago of natural causes.


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