ANDALUCIA is the region with the highest number of fatal car accidents in Spain.

So far this year there have been 61 fatal accidents on the roads of Andalucia. 

By comparison, in the highest populated regions of Spain, Catalunya has had 44 fatalities, Valencia 33 and Madrid 16.

Andalucia has also seen the number of fatalities on the road increase by the highest amount in Spain compared to the first four months of 2019, increasing from 44 to 61. 

Accident Rescue Road Firemen Thumbnail
Andalucia is the region with the highest number of fatal car accidents in Spain. Image from Piqsels

Numbers fell over 2020 and 2021 due to the emptying of roads due to coronavirus lockdowns. 

The European Automobile Association attributes the increased accidents partly to the state of the roads “which has not been maintained and is sometimes in a deplorable state”, as well as the pandemic delaying the upkeep of cars, or a post-Covid society having forgotten the dangers on the roads.

The Junta of Andalucia says it has increased funds for roadworks, and that the current government of Juanma Moreno was left to roads in a terrible state by the previous Socialist government. 

Up to €576 million has been invested in improvements on Andalucia’s roads since 2019, 31.3% more than during the previous Socialist government mandate.

In the coming months road maintenance contracts worth more than €126 million are due to be dished out in Andalucia.


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