HOLIDAY home sales in the Murcia region have fallen from 72% of all real estate deals in 2015 to 47% last year, according to the Registrars Association.

A regional real estate developer has put the fall down to fewer UK buyers due to Brexit.

The percentage of foreigners buying homes in Murcia stood at 17% last year compared to 20% in 2019, before the Covid-19 pandemic struck.

Out of that 17% figure, 26% were UK buyers, closely fallen by Moroccan purchasers looking for work in Spain at 24.73%.

Belgians came a distant third at 7% of foreign buyers.

President of the Murcia Real Estate Developers Association, Jose Ramon Blazquez, said: “The fall in demand from British buyers has caused the fall in holiday home sales, mainly down to Brexit.”

Ramon Blazquez emphasised the rise in Moroccan buyers who stood at just over 5% in 2015 but have put on 20 points since then.

The Murcia figures show that the UK is still the biggest market for foreign purchasers and substantially ahead of EU countries.

Germany follows Belgium in coming fourth in the list at just 4.3%, with the Netherlands next on 3.41%.


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