AN Alicante urban explorer called the police after spotting a mummified corpse on the roof of a semi-constructed building.

The hobbyist, who visits abandoned premises looking for discarded items, made his grim discovery last Friday.

The body was on the top of a building on the Ocaña highway at the junction between Plaza de la Luna and Avenida de Neptuno in Alicante.

Access to the rooftop for the Policia Nacional was difficult and fire crews with a ladder were called in to assist.

Identity documents found in a backpack corresponded to a 56-year-old man, Julian Ortega, who disappeared in July 2019.

Julian Ortega

Cuenca-born Julian was living in Alicante and relatives reported to the police that they were unable to make contact with him.

Police visits to various addresses turned up nothing.

The last recorded use of his mobile phone was in the same area of Alicante where the body was found.

An autopsy concluded that Mr. Ortega died of natural causes.


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