A man has been arrested in Cartagena for falsely reporting that he was a victim of sexual abuse as an excuse for not turning up for an exam.

The Policia Nacional said the 24-year-old went with his mother to file an abuse complaint.

He claimed to officers that he woke up at 4.00 pm next to some waste containers.

The man said his underwear had been removed and some belongings had been stolen.

His statement declared that he didn’t remember anything of what happened the night before.

The ‘victim’ also produced a medical report from the local hospital in which he stated that he believed that he had been sexually abused.

Police investigations showed the man had made up the story as an excuse for skipping an examination- the same day that he was apparently assaulted.

He’s been charged with reporting a fake crime.

He also faces the possibility of having to pay back around €1,000 of medical expenses resulting from his hospital visit.


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