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Have you seen them? Police appeal for help to find top ten most wanted fugitives in Spain

Most Wanted By Policia Nacional

A BRITISH murderer and a Belgian drug dealer are included in a list of the top ten most wanted fugitives in Spain.

The Policia Nacional launched a campaign on Monday (May 30) appealing for the public to help track down the most wanted criminals on the run in Spain.

The police force is hoping for the same success that has been achieved with similar campaigns launched to capture notorious Brits on the lam on Spain’s Costas.

The last appeal by the UK’s National Crime Agency saw one man on the list detained within 48 hours.

Among the mugshots of the nine men and one women are murderers, drug dealers, a sex traffickers, gun runners, armed robbers, money launderers and a paedophile, some of whom have been wanted by police for as long as 15 years.

One of those on the list is Scotsman, Derek McGraw Ferguson who is wanted over the murder of a waiter who was shot in the pub car park where he worked in Glasgow in June 2007.

The 58-year-old is described as just 5ft 1in tall  (1.55 meters) with fair skin and several distinguishing features which include alopecia and a piece of his left ear missing. Although police warned that he may wear a wig or have had a hair transplant to disguise the hair loss and plastic surgery to fix his ear. He was also said to have several tattoos including a heart, arrow and a dagger on his left arm.

Another foreigner on the list is a Belgian fugitive who goes by a long list of known aliases including Tom Michielsen, Tom Richard, Diane Michielsen. He has also been known to use the names Vermeiren and Heinrich Schmidt.

The blue-eyed 46 year old is wanted for drug trafficking, weapons dealing and money laundering crimes. He is described as a dangerous fugitive who could be armed.


The only woman on the list, Viviana Andrea Vallejo Gutiérrez, is wanted for trafficking women into Spain and forcing them into prostitution. Aged 36, she is identifiable by a mole between her nose and upper lip on the left side and by heavily scarred hands.

Ramon Saavedra Lopez, 38 and 1.65metre tall, is wanted for murder after allegedly killing his boss because he was owed €200.

Manuel Herrero Muñoz is accused of a brutal murder in Mexico in which he slit a man’s throat and hid the body in a cement filled drum. The 33-year-old is described as 1.65 metres tall, with a slim build and light blue eyes. He has a scar on his left arm and an anchor tattooed on his left middle finger, and he speaks perfect English.

Norbert Kohler is wanted for drug trafficking, kidnap and extortion.

The 44-year-old was found in possession of 212 kilos of cocaine in the Madrid suburb of Majadonda and is also wanted over money laundering drug money. Police said he was involved in a gang in the Czech Republic that posed as police officers to stop unsuspecting victims who were then kidnapped and tortured into giving up their codes to bank accounts and home alarms along with the location of safes and any other objects of value. He has light blue eyes and is 1.85metres tall and is described as extremely dangerous and likely to be armed.

Luis Martínez Calleja escaped from prison in 2014 while being transferred for hospital treatment. He carried out a series of violent robberies known as ‘moon landings’ which involve ramming a vehicle into a window or door of a shop to steal high value goods. He  is 29 years old, has tattoos on both wrists and a scar on his upper lip.

Nikolay Shterev Kurkuchev, 53, is the Bulgairan leader of a drug trafficking organisation that transports large amounts of cocaine from South America into Spain and across Europe. Described as having fair skin and blue eyes he has numerous tattoos and is likely to carry a weapon.

Manuel Bellido Moreno, 46, is considered the biggest currency counterfeiter in Spain behind the distribution of high volumes of large fake bills since 2013. At a very noticeable 6ft 5 (2metres tall), the forger is likely to have false documentation to hide his true identity.

Diego Darío González Ghersi is wanted for sexually abusing his own daughter over a period of at least five years.  The 40-year-old is 1.70 metres tall with tattoos on both legs, arms and back and possibly with a piercing on his left  eyebrow.

The police have a dedicated email for anyone who has knowledge of the whereabouts of any of the suspects or thinks they have spotted them. Drop a line to [email protected] or call 091.


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