MOST European countries are happy to allow Brits to swap their driving licences for domestic ones.

Indeed, the rules for expats to drive are more lenient in every other EU country.

And curiously, France – which normally takes a hardline against ‘le rosbif’ – has one of the most lenient rules in place.

Here, the Olive Press takes a look at the map:

In France if your UK licence was issued before January 1, 2021 then it is recognised in France for as long as it is valid.

In Greece if you hold a valid UK licence you can drive around without ANY restrictions.

In Germany, Austria, Cyprus you can swap your licence for the local counterpart without taking a test providing you do so within six months. 

Driving Eu Euactiv
Spain currently has the EUs least favourable driving laws for British expats. Photo:

In Iceland, Hungary, Ireland, Latvia, Lichtenstein, Lithuania, Norway, Poland, Romania, Belgium, and Switzerland you can drive with your British driving licence, but are advised to swap it ‘as soon as possible’.

Negotiations between Italy and the UK have been less smooth. Currently British residents can drive using their UK licence until the end of the year, however they must take an Italian driving test within that time to swap it.  

Similar to Spain, both the UK and Italian governments continue to negotiate long-term arrangements for exchanging driving licences without needing to take a test.

We urge our readers to sign the parliametary petition to force a debate in the commons here.


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