TWO men have been arrested by the Policia Nacional for sexually assaulting at least eight women and girls during Elda’s Moors and Christian festival celebrations.

The spree of abuse started on June 5 after a woman reported that she had been inappropriately touched by the men, aged 21 and 31.

As police tried to find out more, several patrols were called the following morning after being called about inappropriate behaviour involving the men.

Several women told officers that they were approached around 3.30 am as they were out partying.

The men hugged them without their consent before trying to kiss them and touch parts of their body.

One of the aggressors was detained on the spot.

When the arrested man was taken to the police station, officers got yet another complaint from a woman about being sexually assaulted.

It turned out to be the other man they were searching for and a patrol found him in the vicinity of the attack.

The Policia Nacional believe the predators may have struck elsewhere with victims yet to come forward or reluctant to report incidents.

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