A British man, 46, kicked off his Mallorca holiday with a night in the police cells and hospital, after a drunken rampage in his Camp de Mar hotel.

His erratic behaviour included assaults on Guardia Civil officers and smashing a window.

The tourist’s catalogue of shame started on Tuesday after checking in at his hotel.

Eye-witnesses said that he appeared to be drunk and soon afterwards, he continued to down alcohol.

At around 9.00 pm, hotel staff phoned the Guardia Civil for help.

The new guest had assaulted several clients and when two of the hotel’s entertainers tried to calm him down, he grabbed one of them by the neck.

When the Guardia arrived, the British man appeared to calm down initially before trying to hit them and then attempting to run away

The officers restrained him and put him in handcuffs.

He was taken to the Guardia barracks in Andratx as he continued to verbally assault and threaten the officers with violence.

After he was thrown into a cell, he started to bang on the door.

Two officers appeared and told him to be quiet.

His response was to lunge at one of them in a failed attempt to bite him.

One of the officers suffered a shoulder injury with the drunk also smashing a window.

An ambulance was called with paramedics brought in to sedate him before allowing the Guardia a breather, as they took him away to Son Espases Hospital in Palma.

The sobered-up Brit appeared in court on Wednesday afternoon with several charges on the docket including causing injury, resisting the police, and assault.

The judge took away his passport and granted him bail for €2,300.

No details about the man or his hotel have been disclosed.


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