I don’t think I’m alone in thinking the world has gone mad.

Certainly not when you consider the climate and the unbelievable things going on. We live in a world that exhibits inexplicable and contradictory aspects.


This highlights the quandary we face. On one hand, economies suffer and tourism is decimated when air travel is restricted. Those of us that live on the Spanish Costas can easily testify to that.

On the other hand the atmospheric pollution caused by planes is harmful to our health and other living beings as it mutilates our climate. It is a major cause of diseases like cancer, respiratory disorders and all too often leads to death. It is a difficult conundrum. Most of us like to travel, but at what cost?

Governments are developing relatively fast and dense rail networks. Over one third of the busiest short-haul flights in Europe have viable train options as alternatives to flying.

Serious investment is required to reduce the emissions from aviation fuels and it is time to step up to renewable options.

Other industries have been forced to take steps to contain pollution but the aviation industry has not.

Airplanes run on kerosene, which when burnt emits carbon dioxide and other poisonous gases into the atmosphere, taking a huge toll on the climate system.

Airplane Mariposa Capture
Airplanes run on kerosene, which when burnt emits carbon dioxide and other poisonous gases into the atmosphere. Photo: ADOBE

It is predicted that by 2050 , the aviation industry will produce 25% of all emissions.

Part of the problem is that fossil fuels provide better efficiency when compared to sustainable aviation fuels (renewable energy).

Can we, or should we go along with this ?

The concept of ‘staycation’ was spawned in Covid times. Do we always need to fly to far flung destinations, when beauty abounds on our doorstep ?


So says John Kerry, the US Envoy on climate change. Prolonged use and reliance on coal is fuelling climate change.

This month climate experts meet in Bonn amid new energy security worries. (I’ll cover the Ukraine war later.)

Kerry stated ‘wholesale elevation of effort by countries all around the world is needed’.

We all know that. Yet still we choose inaction.

It’s a mad, mad, world when we know something is fundamentally wrong and we still concoct reasons to excuse inadequate action.

The Bonn conference is the midpoint gathering between last year’s COP-26 in Glasgow and COP-27 to be held in Egypt.

It is analysing the progress made since COP26.



“But the thought of being a lunatic did not greatly trouble him…”, George Orwell’s 1984.

Now let’s consider the actions of the arrogant lunatic Putin.

With Peter the Landgrabbing Great as his role model, it is little wonder the economies of the world are suffering and the world’s climate ambitions lie in tatters. ( Three centuries ago the Russian Tsar waged never ending expansionist wars.)

Putin believes the West is unlikely to reject Russian energy for years. So far he’s proving to be right. The sad irony is that with prices of fossil fuels soaring, Russian energy profits are increasing meaning more funding is available to finance his war machine.

Brussels: Russia's Pm Vladimir Putin And European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso Meeting
Vladimir Putin. Photo: Cordon Press

The EU currently imports around 40% of its gas from Russia. THIS HAS TO STOP.

No pain, no gain.

Richer nations are still not focusing fully on alternative options. Why ?

Because the controlling politicians are fearful of losing power.

I’ll say it again – no pain, no gain.

The Ukraine war has prompted a fossil fuel ‘gold rush’.

Two weeks ago, for example, the UK government approved the development of a gas field in the North Sea, east of Aberdeen, capable of producing 6.5% of Britain’s gas output. The site, licensed to Shell, was originally rejected on environmental grounds last year.

The UK Business Minister, Kwasi Kwarteng, said that Britain is turbocharging renewables and nuclear.

Is there a ‘snail version’ of a turbocharger? All European governments seem to have opted for this model.


I never thought I would read about this in last week’s news.

The world’s addiction to plastic is well documented.

The enormous pollution caused as a direct result makes even bigger headlines. But guess what?

Scientists have created a SUPERWORM. It can live off, and gain weight, from an exclusive diet of polystyrene.

The Superworm can live off, and gain weight, from an exclusive diet of polystyrene. Photo: ADOBE

I know – you’ve heard it all now.

Wouldn’t it be better to tackle the root cause of the plastic pollution problem?

Why not just ban polystyrene? It’s a horrible plastic anyway.

Martin Tye is the owner of energy switch company Mariposa Energy. Contact him on +34 638145664 or email him at martin@mariposaenergia.es


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