THE average annual salary in Spain is now €25,165, but men are still paid 23% more than women, the latest data reveals.

Spain’s National Institute of Statistics (INE) revealed on Wednesday that the average salary  has risen by 3.2% on a year earlier across Spain but that those in the north tend to earn more than those in the south.

The Annual Salary Structure Survey used data collected in 2020 to show that across Spain there are more workers who earn less than  €25,000 than there are those who earn more.

Although the salary gap between men and women is the narrowest since records began, it is still very far from approaching equality.  

Map Of Wages
Map of wages in Spain. Image from The Olive Press.

The gap is especially wide among unskilled workers in the service sector, where men receive a salary averaging 39% higher than women in the same jobs.

In other sectors, such as science, health and teaching professions, men earn an average of 12,6% more than women.

The geographical difference in wages was highlighted in the report with the highest average wage found in the Basque Country  €30,224, followed by Madrid (€28,829) and Navarra (€27,995).

The average wage in Andalucia is significantly lower at €22,323, followed by the Canary Islands €21,631 and then Extremadura at €20,479.


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