RESIDENTS of Gibraltar delivered a letter to the Governor on Monday outlining their concerns over negotiations on a treaty between the Rock and the EU.

In the letter, the group said that any treaty agreed must be ratified via a referendum ‘so that the citizens who categorically want to remain British and be part of the UK can voice their choice.’

The demonstrators were met by the Governor, Vice Admiral Sir David Steel, who was presented with the letter before briefly chatting to them.

David Steel Wiki
The governor of Gibraltar is the representative of the British monarch on the Rock. Photo: Wikipedia.

The Governor sought to reassure them of Gibraltar’s inalienable British sovereignty, and said he was confident that a mutually beneficial deal could be reached.

There were around 150 people at the demonstration.

There have been several rounds of talks between delegates from the EU and Gibraltar since the Brexit vote, but sticking points continue to remain and Spanish authorities have stepped up checks on the Gibraltar frontier.

In addition, with Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson announcing his resignation, there are concerns that the Gibraltar issue may fall even further down the pecking order.


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