ITALIAN emergency services have recovered the body of a Spanish man who fell from his death while climbing in the Dolomites. 

The man, in his thirties and who resided in London, had been reported missing for several days and is thought to have lost his bearings after diverging from his route.

Concerns were raised by the deceased man’s brother after he did not return to the UK on the date he had said. 

Dolomites Snip
The Dolomites is a very popular destination for elite climbers.
Photo: Flickr.

According to local reports, the climber was last seen in a hostel on July 1 where he was spending the night.

The emergency services began a search operation after being contacted by the brother,  and managed to track the missing man’s mobile phone. 

His body was located in the early hours of Tuesday morning (July 5) and was later recovered by a helicopter.

Authorities believe the man took a wrong turn at a path he was following before falling 50 metres to his death.

The Consulate General in Milan is currently providing assistance to the family.


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