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EXCLUSIVE: One of UK’s most wanted fugitives ‘collecting cash for criminals’ in Marbella, claims ex-cop

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ONE of the National Crime Agency’s most wanted criminals, is thought to be working in Marbella’s Puerto Banus as a hardman enforcer.

Kevin Parle has been working as a cash-collector for Puerto Banus’ criminal underbelly, we can reveal.

His whereabouts have been revealed by a retired Met officer who has vowed to find Parle at all costs.

Peter Bleksley has been spending July on his trail for his hit BBC podcast Manhunt: Finding Kevin Parle. 

Bleksley arrived in Malaga on July 11 following two tip offs in late March as to Parle’s whereabouts, which he describes as ‘credible, independent sources who have both independently told me he works as a money collector in and around Puerto Banus for Manchester gangsters.’

B Snip Marina 1
Bleksley on the hunt in the marina.
Photo: The Olive Press

According to one of the sources, Parle ‘collected a £50,000 debt’ in late March accompanied by his Irish girlfriend in Marbella.

Parle, wanted over two murders in the UK, is also suspected of being behind the disappearance of father and son, Danny and Liam Poole, who vanished from Estépona in 2019.

The Olive Press this week joined Bleksley as he handed out flyers and chatted with people in the popular marina.

He claims he is ‘closer than ever’ to catching the on-the-run criminal.

And within hours of Bleksley’s arrival in Banus, one local expat claimed he had seen Parle on July 14 strolling down the street, Calle Ribera, home to a swish row of clubs and restaurants. 

Bleksley tried to get access to CCTV footage of the spot, but was angrily reprimanded by a security guard.
Then, only 12 hours later, he awoke to an email from someone in Puerto Banus who also claimed to have seen Parle.

“These may well have been empathy sightings, but in any case I have again shrunk the world a little bit for Parle. 

“I will continue to squeeze the globe so tightly this 6ft 6incher pops up somewhere and cops slap the handcuffs on him.”

B Handing Out Snip 1
Bleksley recieved a warm welcome, with many people interested in his search.
Photo: The Olive Press.

Parle’s whereabouts have long been the source of speculation ever since he fled Merseyside 18 years ago after the killings of Lucy Hargreaves in 2005 and Liam Kelly in 2004.

Liam was killed with a shotgun while climbing out of a friend’s Vauxhall Astra in Liverpool while, 22-year-old Lucy Hargreaves, was shot three times by masked gunmen on her sofa, also in Merseyside.

Bleksley, who joined the Met Police as a cadet at 17, was accompanied by another retired veteran police officer, who wishes to remain anonymous.

The two have spent over a week on the Costa del Sol in a push to finally snare the ginger giant who has eluded capture for almost two decades and who Merseyside police are offering a £20,000 reward for.

Handing Out 2 Snip
Bleksley says he is more determined than ever to catch Parle.
Photo: The Olive Press.

“I have hundreds of flyers and hundreds of posters, and I have stuck his face all around that place like you wouldn’t believe,” he added.

“I am poking the tiger, rattling the cage, shaking the tree to see what falls out. Since the day I started, no two independent sources have verified his location. This is a gamechanger,” said 62-year-old Bleksley, who is convinced that Parle is also connected to the disappearance of Danny Poole and son Liam in April 2019.

The pair, aged 42 and 22, traveled to Estepona on Mother’s Day in 2019 with a suitcase containing £20,000 in cash.

They have not been seen since April 1 and the cash was never recovered although their passports and luggage were found abandoned in a hotel room in Estepona’s Valle Romano golf resort.

“I’ve had the bronze, silver but not golden nugget yet” Bleksley insisted.

But he vowed: “I’ll be coming back until I find him.”


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