SPAIN’S government will not order people to cut their use of gas, as proposed by the European Union.

Ecological Transition minister, Teresa Ribera, said that Spain would oppose EU voluntary plans to cut gas consumption by 10%.

The concept allows the EU to make the target compulsory if supplies run short or if it believes it is likely to happen due to more Russian disruption.

Speaking on Thursday to Cadena SER, Ribera said: “We will not introduce in a law an obligation to set the temperature of homes’ thermostats.”

The government would recommend that consumers save energy and added that the administration would protect industrial gas consumption as well.

Ribera goes to Brussels on July 26 for more talks with EU counterparts.

“No matter what happens, Spanish families will not suffer gas or electricity cuts and no matter what happens, Spain will defend its industry,” said Ribera.

“We are in solidarity, but we cannot be asked for disproportionate efforts, as unlike other countries, we have not lived beyond our means in terms of energy.“

“Spain is in an unusual situation as it has done its homework,” she concluded.


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