A British man, 50, has been fined €960 for exposing himself to a 17-year-old girl at a Mallorca hotel swimming pool.

The man appeared before a judge on Thursday and plead guilty to indecent exposure.

Hours later he flew back to Britain following the end of his vacation.

The incident happened on Monday morning at an unnamed Peguera hotel.

The teenage victim was on a poolside sunbed alongside her mother when she saw the man exposing himself to her some two metres away.

She was taking off some of her clothes to stay in her bikini while the pervert fondled his exposed genitals as he took a video recording of the girl on his phone.

The teenager and her mother brushed aside the obscene behaviour until later in the day another hotel guest told them about the same man behaving identically some hours later.

The mother and daughter reported the events to hotel staff and later they filed a complaint with the Calvia Guardia Civil.

Officers arrested the man on Wednesday and he spent the night behind bars, before agreeing to a ‘speedy’ trial the following day where he admitted his guilt.


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