SPAIN is sizzling in what is the first official heatwave of the year, sending the mercury soaring  across much of the peninsula, to temperatures considered unusually high for the time of the year.

And while the heatwave this weekend will affect much of Spain and especially the south sending residents and visitors alike to seek refuge in the pool or in the nearest air-conditioned facility, there are some towns that are infamous across Spain for regularly suffering extreme temperatures.

Not surprisingly, you’ll find them all in the region of Andalucia.


Ecija centre

This town near Sevilla is dubbed the ‘sarten de España’ – the frying pan – because of the sizzling climate during the summer months.

It is also famous for its twenty-four bell towers, as well  San Juan Church, Peñaflor Palace and La Casa del Gremio de la Seda.

Last summer the mercury peaked at 46ºC in Ecija on August 14, according to the Spanish meteorology agency AEMET.

Sanlucar la Mayor 

Sanlucar La Mayor Iglesa Santa Maria 22 01 07
Church of Santa Maria in Sanlucar. By Wwal / Public Domain / Wikipedia

Also in the province of Sevilla, Sanlucar la Mayor regularly reaches temperatures above a sweltering 46ºC. The village is full of interesting buildings and monuments such as the 13th Century San Pedro’s church and the 14th Century Santa Maria from the XIV century, but visitors will want to avoid sightseeing in the town at the peak of the summer months.

El Carpio 

El Carpio pictured on the town website.

This town in Cordoba province is well-known by Spaniards because of the tower of Garcia Mendez built in 1325 or the church Nuestra Señora de la Asunción. El Carpio has in the past registered 47,1ºC and 47,3ºC  placing it in the record books.


The Church of San Jose. Photo: Ayuntamiento de Torreblascopedro

This small town in Jaen province often registers among the highest temperatures in Spain and has peaked at 46ºC. Vistors are encouraged to tour the Church of San Jose and the historic Town Hall but most residents will be wilted inside behind closed shutters during the hot days of the summer months.


Photo from Mapio.

Also found in Jaen province, Marmolejo in the foothills of the Sierra Morena is famous for its San Bartolomé bridge and its 14ºC Aragonesa Castle and the Church of Nuestra Señora de la Paz. This town has recorded a top temperature of 46.5ºC.

Hottest provinces

Map Showing The Average High Temperatures During The Summer Months In Spain From 1981 To 2010
Map reveals average high temperatures during the summer months in Spain between 1981 and 2010. Source: AEMET

In terms of highest average temperatures in summer in Spain, Aemet places Cordoba province at the top of the list with an average 36.5°C throughout the month of August. Sevilla is just behind at one degree cooler with an average temperature of 35.5°C during August.

Highest ever temperature

The town of Montoro in Cordoba province holds the record for the single highest temperature ever recorded in Spain reaching 47.3 °C in July 2017.

Summer cool

Captura De Pantalla 359 695x420 1
Head to this spot for the coolest climes in summer!

Those who prefer colder climes during the height of the summer should head to the little village of Griegos, located in the Sierra de Albarracin in the province of Teruel in Aragon.

At an altitude of 1,604 metres above sea level it is the second highest town in Spain but holds the record as officially the town with the lowest temperatures in summer, when the thermometer can drop to 0ºC even in August, and a duvet is most definitely required. 


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