A 35-year-old Dutch man has had an illegal explosives workshop and firing range closed down at his Campos del Rio finca in Murcia.

He has been arrested by the Guardia Civil and charged with illegally making and storing explosives in addition to keeping ammunition.

The man has also been accused of having an illegal firing range at the entrance to his land.

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The Guardia Civil launched Operation Bullman after getting complaints about a series of explosions in the area.

They pinpointed a finca owned by a Dutch citizen who had a criminal record for starting a forest fire with pyrotechnic devices.

At his home, he made improvised explosive devices(IED) and secondary charges that were exploded at a safe distance via electronic detonators.

The Guardia discovered an array of gear including nearly 500 cartridges of different calibres and over 500 grams of explosive material.

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There was an abundant amount of fuses to remotely trigger explosions along with batteries, cables, connectors, and radio transmitters and receivers.

Numerous lead projectiles were found that could be used as shrapnel.


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