A British bar owner from Los Alcazares received multiple stab wounds on Friday after trying to stop a woman being assaulted in the street.

The 44-year-old British man was taken to Cartagena’s Santa Lucia Hospital after suffering several injuries including a wound to his neck.

He’s reportedly not in any danger.

A witness told La Opinion de Murcia that she thought the aggressor was also British and described him as ‘fat’ and of ‘considerable stature’.

The Guardia Civil are looking for him and have accessed security cameras and taken statements from passers-by to try identify who he is.

The assault happened shortly before 10.00 am after the bar owner intervened to end an assault on Avenida de la Libertad by the large man on a young woman.

Despite the bar owner being knifed and suffering serious injuries, he walked to the nearby health centre who then arranged for an ambulance transfer to Cartagena.

The Guardia Civil were hoping to interview him once surgeons had finished patching him up.


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