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EXCLUSIVE: Magaluf taxi driver beaten up by Brits in Spain’s Mallorca reveals horror injuries that will plague him for life

Taxi Driver

A TAXI driver who was viciously assaulted by a British holidaymaker in Mallorca has revealed how his soldier attacker has left him maimed for life.

Gabriel Callero, 57, who is married to a British woman, has spoken exclusively to the Olive Press after being brutally assaulted by two British men in Magaluf in the early hours of Tuesday morning.

“Everything happened when I was passing the strip where all the English bars are in Magaluf.

“Just as I was passing the Whitehouse hotel slowly three guys came up too close to my car and one of them jumped on the hood,” he explained.

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Gabriel Callero at hospital after being beaten up by two brits. Image The Olive Press.

“I stopped immediately and got out to find that no damage was done to it,” he continued.

“But then two of these British guys started to laugh at me, so I asked them what was so funny?”

It was then that one of them, a marine and ‘a very strong guy’ punched him in the face which practically knocked him unconscious and he fell to the floor injuring his shoulder, hip and face.

But it didn’t end there. While lying on the pavement the two British hooligans started to kick him around the head.

The brutal attack was caught on video.


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Damages on his ear provoked by two British holidaymakers. Image The Olive Press.

The two men, whose names have not been made public, were arrested and have since claimed they were drunk, but Gabrial does not believe that they were under the effect of alcohol.

A Spanish court has released the two men on a bail set at €7,000.

“I think that is completely unfair and ridiculous considering my injuries.

“If it was locals they would have had a jail sentence already,” he claimed.

“Being handed bail of just €7,000 is ridiculous after all the damage that they have caused me,” he added.

Gabriel revealed that before working as a taxi driver, he worked as a bouncer for fifteen years and in all those years he only had one problem with an attacker.

He insists he knows how to calm people down and deflect and avoid violence.

Yet now he is in bed and unable to work since the incident as he feels sick and aching.

“I feel really sick, dizzy and I have a constant ringing in my ears which I’m told by doctors could stay with me forever caused by the damage,” he added.

The two Brits claimed in court that he tried to attack them – but Gabriel insisted that it is not true that he had no intention of attacking them.

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Stapples in Gabriel’s head. Image The Olive Press

“If I attacked them, I would have marks on my hand, but I don’t have them,” he insisted. “I’m also sure CCTV will clear it all up and prove I am right.”

He concluded that while he doesn’t feel any malice towards British people because of the attack, he is insistent that the violent minority need to be punished.

“What these idiots did was a disgrace and they need to be properly punished for it,” he said.

The Spanish authorities have been attempting to clear up the drunken tourism that has badly scarred resorts like Magaluf for decades.

Various measures have been introduced to stop groups organizing pub crawls and so-called ‘booze cruises’ on boats.

The name of the resort has even been changed in an attempt to clean up its reputation.


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