THE latest DGT (The Directorate-General for Traffic) road campaign ‘Operation August 15’ in Spain’s Malaga has tallied over hundred road users driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

As reported by the DGT, almost a hundred drivers tested positive for alcohol in Malaga in the special summer campaign carried out between August 8 and 14.

In addition, another five drivers were detected driving under the influence of drugs.

In total 4,784 alcohol tests were carried out during this period which found 97 (2.03%) road users driving under the influence of alcohol.

Furthermore, 10 drug tests were carried out, half of which gave positive results for drugs, with cannabis the main substance present (accounting for 40%).

At a national level, the DGT tested a total of 201,938 drivers during this long weekend break in Spain, of which 3,105 drivers tested positive for alcohol and/or drugs.

Despite the increase in the number of controls carried out with respect to the previous year’s campaign (48,000 more), the percentage of drivers driving under the influence of alcohol and/or drugs remains relatively stable.

That said, more than 4,750 drivers were detected to have consumed alcohol but did not exceed the maximum permitted limit.

The importance of these DGT surveillance campaigns

These intense surveillance campaigns not only serve to detect those who break the law, but also aim to ensure the safety and fluidity of traffic on the road.


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