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JAILED: Drink driver gets three years for killing 20-year-old scooter user in Spain’s Valencia

The test gave a reading of 0.64 mg of alcohol, when the permitted maximum is 0.25.

Police to step up drink driving crackdown during Christmas on Spain’s Costa del Sol

POLICIA Local in Estepona will be stepping up their measures against drink driving this Christmas.  According to police, there will be daily checks throughout the...

Spain does NOT have worst drivers while 27% of British drink and drive, study reveals

The study revealed that 43.5% of Europeans have driven after drinking, with 22% always or almost always doing so

Costa del Sol policeman gets 18-month sentence for drink driving and faces charge for fatal accident

Police said he had booze on his breath, but that he sped away in a car on the other side of the road to avoid being breathalysed

Guardia Civil captain caught attempting to drink drive in Andalucia

Locals stopped the official from getting in his police car after drunkenly falling over when leaving a bar

Spain launches week long campaign to clampdown on drink drivers and drug abusers

More Guardia Civil officers will be out on the roads as well as the creation of extra drug and alcohol checkpoints

Guardia Civil agents wounded following attack by drunk driver

Guardia Civil wounded following incident in Marbella

Ex-mayor arrested for drink driving and crashing into police officer

The police officer was unharmed, but the politician's reputation wasn't

Increased drink driving penalties in Spain

The Spanish government plans to double fines for driving under the influence of alcohol or illegal drugs

Two Ronda cyclists dead after being hit by car

The Guardia Civil have arrested the driver of the vehicle for being under the influence of alcohol

Spain heads toward zero tolerance drink driving policy

The policy change would make even one drop of alcohol too much to drive

British motorist involved in hit-and-run in Nerja

Expat knocked local councillor off her moped after traveling the wrong way down one-way street

Spain rejects breathalysers for cars

Spain will not be introducing Alcolocks, which prevent drivers taking the wheel if they're over the limit

Leaked police report claims Spanish bullfighter was over the drink drive limit when he crashed

DIA accidents victims association now calling for a four year prison sentence for José Ortega Cano

Drink driving death

Two women die after being hit by a driver over the alcohol limit

Road safety MP in drunken crash

Popular Party spokesman on road safety has been arrested after being twice the legal limit

Behind Bars: Clampdown sees dozens imprisoned for drink driving

Since the reform of the penal code in December 2007, 793 drivers in Malaga province alone have been arrested or charged for driving over the limit