CHARGED: Ex-copper in court (credit: The Sur)

AN ex-police officer has been sentenced to 18 months in prison after drink driving and fleeing from police.

The man drove drunk and smashed into a moped, injuring three people, one of whom was a tourist.

After the booze-fueled crash on the A-4053 in Mijas in 2014, the officer fled the scene in another vehicle to avoid a breathalyser test.

But now the former cop is being tried over a fatal accident on the A-7 in Torremolinos in 2017.

A judge found that the ex-copper was, ‘perfectly aware of the protocols and how to act in accordance with the legislation in force in cases of accidents involving drivers under the influence of alcohol’.

In the incident in which he fled police the man was apparently agitated and frantically making phone calls after being pulled from his car.

Police said he had booze on his breath, but that he sped away in a car on the other side of the road to avoid being breathalysed.

Despite clear injuries, the man also avoided going to hospital.

He is now banned from driving for eight years on top of his one and a half year sentence.

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