WRISTBANDS for Gender Violence in Andalucia stands at 38% of the national total.

The statistical report prepared by the Coordination Unit against Gender Violence of the Delegation of the Government of Spain in Andalucia closed last June with 1074 active control bracelets in compliance with protection and restraining orders imposed by the Gender Violence Courts.

A figure that represents 38% of the national total, 24.1% more than in the same month last year, tallying 2,829 devices in total.

The figure is slightly down from the government report published in May, where the region registered 1,085 control wrist and ankle bands of compliance with active protection and restraining order by the Courts of gender violence.

In total, Andalucia has 19,687 active cases of gender violence, representing 27.4% of the cases reported at a national level.

According to Pedro Fernandez, the delegate of the Spanish Government in Andalucia, the numbers reflected in this latest report are worryingly ‘high’ and gives an idea of the ‘extent and depth of this phenomenon in the region.’

Especially given that only 25% of this type of violence suffered by women is reported and subsequently reach the VioGén System (a system which provides women victims of gender-based violence with a ‘Personalised Safety Plan’).

In addition to the control bracelets, the gender violent victims also have other means to report their situation and request help, such as the 016 telephone number for general information and advice.

This includes legal advice, which operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

“The end goal It is to completely eradicate sexist violence.” Fernandez concluded.


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