SPAIN’S national Met Office, AEMET, has forecast a change in the weather in Andalucia after a sweltering summer, with rain expected as of tomorrow, Tuesday August 30.

According to the AEMET forecasts, this week (August 29 to September 4) will begin with showers and storms in the centre, east and north of the peninsula.

From Tuesday onwards, instability will move to the east of the peninsula.

Showers are also expected in Spain’s most southern region as of tomorrow, specifically in the provinces of: Granada, Almeria and Jaen.

The showers come following a subtropical DANA that affected the north of Spain last week but did not make its way south.

It is now expected that showers will sweep through at least three Andalucian provinces in the east of the region as of tomorrow Tuesday.

Weather conditions which are expected to repeat on Wednesday, August 31.

While any rain is welcome, it will take much more than a few passing showers to make a meaningful dent in Andalucia’s drought conditions.


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