ANDALUCIA has finalised the last weekend of August with zero traffic fatalities.

As August holidays come to an end, Andalucian roads have been heaving with traffic as people have returned home from their summer holiday.

Fortunately, Spain’s Directorate-General for (DGT) has announced that this last weekend of August, covering from 3pm last Friday, August 26, until 8pm yesterday, Sunday, has finalised with zero fatal traffic accidents.

Largely thanks to the road authority’s special traffic operation ‘Retorno del Verano’, a special traffic operation put into effect every year at the time when the roads are extra busy as the summer holidays come to an end.

The special ‘Operación Retorno del Verano’ began last Friday, August 26, at 3pm and will continue until the end of the month.

During this time, the DGT has estimated that some 978,000 drivers will hit the roads of Andalucia to return home.

In 2021, despite a surge in traffic post lockdown, the last weekend of August, corresponding to the 28th and 29th of the month, and also marked by the special traffic ‘Operation Return of the Summer,’ also ended without fatal traffic accidents.

The roads which tend to have the heaviest traffic flow in Andalucia are the A-357, A-4, A-44, A-45, A-49, A-66, A-7, A-92, A-92M, AP-4, AP-7, MA-20, N-4 and also secondary roads leading to tourist areas and places with a large number of holiday homes.

This summer has seen some 20,460,000 road trips take place in Andalucia, an estimated 9,700,000 in July and 10,760,000 in August.


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