CYBER crime went by up 6.1% in Spain last year according to the Criminality Statistical System(SEC).

Broken down into raw figures, 305,477 cyber-related offences were reported last year.

Fraud accounted for 87.4% of offences followed by threats and coercion made by fraudsters against internet users.

The clear-up rate says the SEC was low.

Of the 305,477 reports, just 46,141 cases were solved with 13,801 arrests.

The largest number of complaints came from the Provinces of Madrid, Barcelona, ??Sevilla, Valencia, Alicante, Malaga and Vizcaya.

Men were more susceptible to online fraud at 51.9% with the key age range being between 26 and 40 years.

They tended to fall into traps like obtaining bank details and also suffering coercion.

Female online users exceeded men in percentage over being victims of online stalking, grooming, and impersonation.

87.5% of victims were Spanish, with the main foreign victims coming from Columbia, Morocco, Romania.

The ratios changed as to who the cyber criminals were with the SEC saying that over 20% of them were non-Spaniards.

Despite the perception that younger more tech savvy people were the instigators, the dominant age group arrested or investigated last year were aged in their forties.


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