WITH temperatures nudging 30 and winds gusting 30 kph, Andalucía’s firemen feared a busy day.

With almost no rain since Easter the ground is bone dry so two fires breaking out in one day spells real danger. When they are both in one town it’s worse.

Luckily Andalucia’s firefighter body, INFOCA, has just announced that a fire that started today at 13.55 in the Enterrios area of Mijas is ‘currently stable’.

Some 68 firefighters, four fire engines and one helicopter continue working to stop the flames.

The fire broke out close to an area with houses, but at the moment they have not been affected by the flames.

But just as they were stabilising the blaze another fire broke out in Mijas, this one declared at 15.13 this afternoon in the El Paraje Hipodromo área.

It is still active and according to INFOCA and a new local firefighting app, Incendios Forestales, a helicopter that was working on the other fire has moved to El Paraje.

So far only one team of six firefighters are working to extinguish the fire.

Expats, locals and tourists have been shocked due to the number of forest fires in Andalucia this year with dozens breaking out and razing tens of thousands of hectares of virgin land.

Some 300 people were evacuated in Estepona due to a fire that broke out last July 26.


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