A drug trafficking gang that hid imported supplies in farm tractors and combine harvesters has been brought down by the Policia Nacional.

24 people have been arrested in the Madrid area following 16 home searches which saw the seizure of 33 kilos of cocaine and hashish.

A judge ordered seven gang members to be imprisoned.

The multi-national crew consisted of Spanish, Brazilian, Columbian, and Ecuadorian nationals.

Bales of cocaine arrived in a container from South America at the port of Valencia.

They were then transferred to a warehouse in Cuenca where they were hidden in farm machinery.

The final journey for the drugs was to various apartments in the Villa de Vallecas area of Madrid.

The narcotics were crammed into hidden compartments in cars.

The 12 vehicles were also used to distribute cocaine and marijuana to ‘mules’ in Madrid and neighbouring provinces to sell to customers.

The cars were also accompanied by ‘patrol’ vehicles to look out for the police.


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