POLICE arrested a man who grabbed a young woman from behind and began to touch her in the middle of a Malaga city street.

The sexual assault occurred on La Roselada avenue but luckily the woman was able to escape and alert the authorities.

The incident took place at five past midnight on Thursday night into Friday morning when a man started to follow and bother two 21-year-old women.

According to the local police, the 33-year-old man then jumped on to one of the women, holding her by the waist while touching her buttocks and other parts of her body.

Both women then screamed for help and were able to escape the attacker.

They then ran to a nearby family who called the emergency services.

Despite this, the man continued to harass the women, bringing down his trousers and showing everyone his genitals.

Both local and national police squads soon arrived in the area but by then the man had fled.

After returning the victims to their homes they continued to comb the area until they found a man of the description the women had given them.

Upon confirming his identity, they arrested the man and took him to the police station.


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