A CRAFTY couple have been arrested in Malaga for a campaign of ripping off hotels and tourist apartments.

The man, 28, and woman, 26, were busted by agents of the Policia Nacional after leaving a trail of unpaid hotel bills across Spain.

The couple employed the scam of paying for their overnight stay with a bank transfer, which they showed to the proprietor as proof of payment.  

Once away and clear, they cancelled the payment, leaving the hoteliers ripped off and out of pocket.

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Police arrest couple for campaign of ripping off hotels

Initial investigations indicate that the couple, who reportedly already had a record for fraud, have managed to pull off the stunt at least 12 times.

Police were put onto the trail of the modern-day Bonnie and Clyde by the string of complaints made by individual hotels, who had no idea they were each victims of a long-running scam.

After the arrest, while searching the couple’s car, they found several sets of room keys belonging to a number of the hotels.

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