THE days of dressing up like a giant penis and walking down the streets of Malaga could be doomed under new proposals put forward by the local council.

Other public activities to be banned in the draft legislation include walking around in just underwear, going completely naked, and wielding giant inflatable sex dolls as the authorities take aim at unruly stag and hen parties that have come to dominate the city’s nightlife scene.

The proposals will complement already-existing laws that prohibit anti-social behaviour, such as peeing in public, impromptu boozy street gatherings and shouting or using megaphones at night. 

The moves are part of a drive to encourage a ‘high quality’ form of tourism to Malaga, which saw over three million visitors in the third quarter of 2022 alone.

As the gateway to not just the Costas del Sol and Blanca but much of the south of Spain for international travellers, the convenience of accessibility tends to attract the stag party crowd.

Man Dressed In A Penis Costume, Amsterdam (2021) 03
Malaga plans to outlaw penis costumes favoured by hen and stag parties. Pictured: A man dressed as a penis in Amsterdam. Credit: Donald Trung Quoc Don – Wikimedia Commons

This is especially so for Malaga since fellow Andalucian cities such as Granada and Sevilla are far less friendly to this form of tourism and already have similar statutes on the books.

The laws would outlaw walking and hanging out in public naked or in just underwear, with inflatable dolls of ‘a sexual character’, and clothing or accessories that ‘represent human genitals’.

Those who violate the proposed legislation would first be warned that they are breaking the law by being dressed as a penis.

If they carry on regardless, they are liable to be slapped with a €750 fine.

Sur In English report a City Hall source as saying that the rules would be intended to ‘preserve public spaces where people can meet, coexist and enjoy their leisure time while respecting others.’

The laws are still in the consultation stage and citizens are encouraged to contribute their opinions.


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