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New aircraft could take taxi travel to the skies in Spain in five years

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A new technology that could take taxi travel to the skies in just five years time has been trialed in Spain, and technicians say it was a success. 

A 640 kilogram and three metre-high flying taxi has completed its first flight in Spain. 

The groundbreaking technology was developed in Spain by the Tecnalia research centre and Umiles Next company, and was part of a European initiative USPACE4UAM to make aerotaxis a viable transport option by 2028. 

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The aerotaxi completed its first flight in Spain. Photo: Uspace4UAM

Its technicians said the technology already works, and the idea is to even fly children in the taxis in the future.

ATLAS Experimental Flight Centre carried out the flight in Villacarrillo in Jaen. 

The aerotaxi, dubbed the name Concept Integrity, comes with flyfree technology and a built-in GPS navigation system, and is designed to carry about two passengers. 

The aircraft takes off vertically and is remotely controlled. 

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The aerotaxi is controlled remotely. Photo: Uspace4UAM

The aerotaxi’s first Spanish flight was a ten metre journey and travelled about 15km/h.

But it is designed to travel at speeds of 80km/h and can reach 120km/h, according to technicians.

They also said the aerotaxi has a range of about 15 minutes, in which it can travel 15km.

“It is a sufficient distance and time to travel from one side of the city to the other, although not for long distances,” Tecnalia said. 

Its flyfree system has four arms with multiple propellers.  

The aerotaxi will next be flown over Lugo.


Anthony Piovesan

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  1. To transport children on distances below 15km I would recommend bicycles. Do we not suffer a fat crisis with our youth? There will be no noise and no carbon consumption. bycicles will be cheap and do not need any space and manpower aside. May I assume that this ‘brilliant’ invention is sponsored by EU money?

    Location : Germany

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