A MAN who fled police on a motorcycle through Gibraltar’s town centre streets escaped a prison sentence after pleading guilty to dangerous driving.

Magistrates on Wednesday sentenced Ian Williams, 20, of Moorish Castle Estate, to 80 hours of unpaid work.

He received no further punishment for Failing to Stop, having no insurance and driving without a licence, offences to which he pleaded guilty.

His crime dates back to September 16 last year when officers saw Williams committing a traffic offence while riding a motorbike close to Trafalgar Roundabout around 10.30pm.

Police ordered him to stop but he ignored them.

Instead, Williams kept on going down Main Street with police on his tail sirens blaring.

He then turned up King’s Yard Lane and as he got close to Hargreaves Football Pitch, tried to dangerously overtake on the inside of a car in front of him.

The manoeuvre did not work out and he crashed into the car, causing damage to two parked vehicles.

Police arrested him on the spot before getting him to hospital, finding £125 of cannabis of him during a search.

He pleaded guilty to the possession of the drug, getting a £300 fine for that crime.


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