A car collided with a large bull on the AP-7 motorway in Valencia Province, with the animal getting the worst of the exchange.

A female driver was travelling on the highway in the Alberic area at 5.00 am on January 1 when the 300-kilo black bull crossed her carriageway.

She could take no avoiding action and her car struck the animal who died due to the impact.

“I hit him head-on and my car is completely destroyed,“ she told A Punt TV.

“Despite everything, I’m alive but I have injuries and I’m off work,” she added.

The motorist said her life was saved thanks to wearing a seatbelt and the airbag engaging.

The mystery is where the bull came from.

The Massalaves Policia Local said they had received several calls about sightings during December.

The bull had no identification tags on it and did not appear to come from any local farms.


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