SHAKIRA and her now ex-partner Gerard Piqué were back in the headlines this week, after the 45-year-old Colombian singing superstar took aim at the 35-year-old former footballer over the treatment of one of their sons. 

After their definitive separation was announced in November, on Monday sources close to Shakira told The Olive Press that she had not given her ‘prior consent’ nor was she ‘consulted’ about her son Milan’s participation in a live-streamed event on online service Twitch.

The sources described the content of the broadcast as a ‘discussion with adult content’. 

Milan, aged nine, appeared during an event organised by former Barcelona FC player Piqué along with Twitch star Ibai Llanos on Saturday. 

The broadcast was to present Piqué’s new Kings League project, which is a football league in which streamers and former professional football players take part. 

During the broadcast, Piqué made clear that the appearance of his son had been spontaneous, and because he had wanted to take part. 

Pique Y Milan Stream Kings League 1024x683 1
Piqué and his son during the Twitch broadcast.

But it wasn’t just Shakira who was unhappy with the appearance, it also attracted criticism online given that the event was aimed at adults. In the past, Shakira has made it clear that the privacy of her children is paramount. 

In June, the pair announced their separation and in early November, Shakira and Piqué reached a custody agreement over their two children, Milan, 9, and Sasha, 7. It marked the definitive end of their 12-year relationship and will see the singer move to Miami and Piqué enjoy generous visitation rights. 

But the move has been delayed while Shakira tries to find a way to move her sick father via a medical aeroplane. William Mebarak, 91, has been undergoing hospital treatment in Spain for several months now. Her move to the US could be delayed until at least June, according to press reports.

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