WARMER than average weather returns to Malaga province this week due to the entry of a warm air mass.

The terral wind, together with an anticyclonic warm air mass, will cause temperatures to rise 3-5ºC above normal for this time of year.

In addition, no rain is expected, except for the light showers that were recorded yesterday, Monday January 9, in some inland areas of the province.

Spring-like highs of 22ºC are expected to bathe the coastal areas of the province over the next few days, when maximum temperatures for this time of the year usually hover around 17-18ºC

However, the upward trend caused by climate change is becoming increasingly visible.

This is also the case with the minimum temperatures, which this week will be around 10-12ºC, when the norm is 7ºC.

The trend towards higher temperatures is also being experienced inland.

In Antequera, for example, highs of 16-18ºC are expected this week, when the usual is 13ºC.

Likewise, lows this week in inland areas will be between 6-8ºC, when the norm is between 2-3ºC.


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