THE Cueva de Nerja has finalised 2022 with more than 436,000 visitors, approaching pre-pandemic figures.

The historical site has concluded 2022 close to pre-pandemic figures and has surpassed, by almost 150,000, those who came in 2021.

In terms of economic data, the past year exceeded the predicted forecasts, exceeding the benefits obtained in 2019.

“In 2022 we have managed to reach exactly 436,107 visitors, which is practically double those obtained in 2021. This means a recovery of 146,758 visits compared to those who came in 2020. With respect to the figures for 2019 – a year in which the cave had 441,590 visitors – the recovery in 2022 is 98.96%” as stated by the Cueva de Nerja Foundation in a recent press release.

In fact, last August, 2022, saw almost 80,000 people visit the cave, making it the best August in the last ten years.

In terms of historical data, since the cave’s discovery in 1959, some 19 million people have visited it over 64 years.

Tomorrow, Thursday January 12, marks 64 years since the discovery of the Nerja cave by brothers Manuel and Miguel Muñoz, Jose Torres, Jose Luis Barbero and Francisco Navas.


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